Dear Wife, 3 Things I Want You to Know About Your Body

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Dear Wife,

I’ve noticed lately that you’ve been a little down and hard on yourself about your body image.  I’m not sure why, because honestly, I think you’re perfect! As your husband, there are three things I want you to know about your body.

1) You’re drop-dead gorgeous
There’s no need for me to beat around the bush here – I think you are stunningly beautiful! I hope you never forget that. I’m very much attracted to you and want to be with you forever! Yes, we have chemistry!



I may not always say what I’m thinking (I am a man after all!), but I’m constantly telling myself how amazing you look and how lucky I am to be your husband.

Sometimes, when you see me do a double take, or sneak a peek, you might think I’m measuring you against some unrealistic standard – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, I just can’t get enough of you!  You’re that good looking!


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