Things All Girls Do When They Are CHEATING In A Relationship

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If she wants to know when you’ll be home, where you’re going, and is just generally keeping close tabs on you, she may be doing it because she has something to hide.

Family Detachment

One sign that she may be cheating is that she detaches herself from your family. She may also stop hanging out with your friends as well. The reason women do this is out of remorse. Basically, she feels guilty and will feel less pain if she isn’t immersed in your life- including family or friends. Remember, the less mental baggage she has holding her back, the easier it will be for her to commit the deed.

They begin nagging their man constantly.

This is often does as a pretext for breaking up with their partner. If she’s constantly finding things you’re doing wrong, there’s a chance she’s begun cheating on you.

If she’s keeping close tabs on her phone, she may be hiding something.

If your girl is guarding her phone with her life, there’s something on it that she wants to keep from you

They make major changes to their appearance.

Girls who are cheating generally make big changes to their appearance. It may just be the first step in other big changes.

She also might lie about where she’s going.

If she tells you she’s going out with friends and you find that she was lying, that’s a major red flag.

Secret Schedules

A woman who is being secretive about her schedule is more than likely hiding something. For example, does she hide her whereabouts when you call her? Does she always “go away on businesses”? If she is gone a lot of the time and not telling you where she is going or when she’s coming back then chances are good that she’s seeing someone else. As a general rule of thumb, the less you know about her itinerary the more worried you should be about where she is and who she is spending her time with.

You Become Irrelevant

What is worth than a girlfriend who nags about every little thing? How about a girlfriend or wife who doesn’t even know that you exist? While it may be hard to imagine, it does happen to a lot of guys. Their significant other simply pretends like they are not even there anymore. Keep in mind that this may happen right away or little by little. A woman who is no longer interested in you and becomes interested in another man will automatically start to pretend as though you don’t even exist.

You’re not really into sex anymore.



Basically, she will become very cold towards you. She won’t answer your phone calls. She won’t tell you that she loves you. She won’t include you in her life whatsoever. All of a sudden, she’ll invite someone else to the ballet with her. She won’t care how you are feeling or what problems are going on in your relationship. All that she cares about “I” and how she can get closer to her new man. While it may sound harsh, it is the reality of cheating and this sign, along with the others, are clear signs that she may be seeing someone else.

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