What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Love Life

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The Cliffhanger Position

Both sleep on the edge of the bed, not facing each other. When it’s occasional, it’s just because they need a good night’s sleep. However, if it happens all the time, there are some issues between them.

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The man sleeps on his back and the woman on his chest, with their legs entwined. This couple is comfortable and complete.

The Spoon

A classical position, in which the man wraps his arms around the woman. This means he is protective of her, and that they are very comfortable together.

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Reverse Spoon

Sometimes a man needs to be held too. This means that they are both protective of each other.

Back To Back

The couple is still in contact, because they are in love but they respect each other’s space.

The Love Knot

Sleepgood nightclassical positionSleepwalkingRestless legs syndromeApnea

Pillow Talk

Partners lie facing each other, quite closely. This is common at the beginning of a relationship, when a couple wants a lot of eye contact but are still getting to know each other.

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