12 Things That Show You Life Before And After You Turn 30

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#1 Drinking Before 30

Drinking before 30 is wild. But you might not remember anything…

#2 Drinking After 30

Drinking after 30 is done in front of the tv, with a nice bottle of wine. Classy.

#3 Texting

Texting changes a lot after you turn 30. Just wait and see…


#4 Breakfast Before 30

You can really eat anything you want for breakfast before 30. Most important meal of the day? As if.

#5 Breakfast After 30

Get used to fiber. Lots and lots of fiber.

#6 Dating Before 30

You’ll date just about anything that walks before you turn 30. But it won’t last…

#7 Dating After 30

After you turn 30, you become bitter about relationship. You turn into a harsh realist.

#8 Evenings

Things get reversed for women when they turn 30. You’ll see.

#9 Hangover Cure Before 30

The best hangover cure? A nice bowl of cereal.

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