Fired McDonald Employee Reveals The Restaurant Secrets

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When you order anything at McDonalds, like the usuals…..the food is sold as long as its okay. So, if you want something fresh, then order a ‘grill order’, that’s altering a food item from the original recipe. Asking things like ‘no pickles’ or ‘no onions’ will ensure that your order is done from scratch.

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A Guaranteed Fresh Item

If you really want something fresh at McDonald’s order the Filet-O-Fish. They aren’t ordered enough to keep them on the ready to go!

The Second Worst Thing About McDonald’s

The leftovers are thrown into the trash instead of being given to the poor or the staff.

Night Shift Is The Worst For The Employees

Where do the drunk people go after the bar closes? McDonalds!

DiscoverMcDonald’sDrive-throughGrillingRecipePickled cucumberOnion

Being Nice To The Staff Pays!

Even though the staff are suppose to charge you extra for the extra sauce, if you are nice they will give it to you for free! But the managers will mostly make you pay for it…..

Another Fresh Product Hack!

Want fresh coffee? Order decaf! Since its not regularly ordered, it needs to be made from scratch.

Want fresh fries?

Then order without salt! But this means you will have to wait a bit longer.

DiscoverMcDonald’sDrive-throughGrillingRecipePickled cucumberOnion

The Nightmare Is Real!

The five second rule actually exists.


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