This Is How A Small Iron Fish Is Changing Many Lives

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Do you know that 3.5 billion people in the world are affected by iron deficiency?

Mostly children and women in the developing countries are found to be the victims of anaemia. To deal with this issue, the concept of iron fish emerged. “The Lucky Iron Fish” project was first developed by Canadian health workers in Cambodia in 2008.

Dr. Christopher Charles and his team discovered the revolutionary solution for iron deficiency in Cambodia, as it is the country where almost half of the population is iron deficient. This project aimed to provide a cheap source of Iron. Dr. Charles’ three-inched iron fish weighs around 200 grams and provides 75% of daily recommended adult iron intake and aims to dilute the problem of iron deficiency.

The project has shown surprising results in Cambodia. Let’s find out about some more interesting facts related to the iron fish.

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