How To Plan Your First Night With Him!

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Just thinking about your first night with your partner might give you goosebumps.You are already concerned about what to wear, what s33x moves to try for, the awkward moment and so on. Thinking too much will only get you anxious. We give you simple tips to overcome all worries


1-  First don’t get anxious which is only going to get the things difficult for you. Chalk out a basic plan because by now you are aware of each other’s likes and dislikes. Start off the evening with some good wine and let your camaraderie do the rest.

2- Avoid talking about your ex. Take it as your new start and don’t play a spoilsport by initiating any conversation about your exes.

Talk to him about all the naughty things that you two could do together and watch the scene get steamier.

3- Don’t try to get kinky or come up with all your best moves right from the word go. It is always better to talk to him about his preferences and tell him yours. You could start with simple positions and, if things click, get more adventurous.

4- Protection is must, if by chance he forgot to carry any contraceptive, you can always make a first move to remind him about safe s33x.

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