7 Behaviors That Could Ruin Your Relationship

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Eye Contact Is Important

Eye contact is important when you are speaking with people you care for, especially with your better half. This is an indicator of you giving them assurance that you are there with them 100%. Without this, people would feel unwanted and like they are bothering you.

Ghosts of Relationships Past

Bringing in the negativity and the hurt from your previous relationship into your current one is a big no-no. It only results in finishing off whatever chances of your current relationship succeeding. Start anew. Don’t let your past experiences be the very definitions of your present.

The Trust Factor

Trust is one of the important foundations of your relationship. Without it, your relationship is just a facade that will crumble very soon. Make sure your trust issues are sorted out before proceeding. Trust is as important as love.

Whining and Complaining

When you constantly whine and complain about something, everything….every day…you are putting your relationship on a self-destruct mode.No one likes a whiner or someone who just loves to complain about everyone and everything.

Importance Of Celebration

Some people say why should we dedicate one day to celebrating love and stuff like that….But the truth is, we are not telling you to forget ‘love’ the rest of the days, you will love each other every day but on that one special date…occasion…event…you celebrate yourselves . This helps keep the spark alive. And all in all, it makes your partner feel loved.

Self Absorbed

When a relationship becomes all about one person, their interest, and their happiness…it is no longer a relationship. A relationship is about two people….even in a person’s interest, there is the interest of the other person.



When people start using s33x as a reward system or punishment, they are walking down a very dangerous path. As it increases the chances of your other half cheating on you or ending your relationship as a whole. S3x should be about expressing yourselves in the most primal sense where both of you are happy and more than willing.

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