Saudi National Campaign manager meets UNHCR officials in Jordan

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RIYADH: The regional director of the Saudi National Campaign for Syria, Dr. Badr bin Abdulrahman Al-Samhan, met with officials of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Jordan to discuss the conditions of Syrian refugees there, and ways to promote cooperation between the campaign and the UNHCR.
During the meeting, Al-Samhan stressed the strong partnership between the campaign and the UNHCR regionally.
He said the campaign’s goal, stemming from the fraternal links between the Saudi and Syrian peoples, is to support displaced Syrians in all areas, alleviate their hardships and suffering, and open avenues of cooperation with humanitarian organizations working to improve services offered to them.
Stefano Severe, UNHCR representative in Jordan, applauded the professionalism of the Saudi national campaign in the region and the world.
He said the UNHCR is doing its duty toward vulnerable Syrians by providing successful charitable programs and projects that would benefit them.
He welcomed the strategic development in relations between the campaign and the UNHCR.



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