سيلين ديون تتسلم جائزة تكريم زوجها الراحل

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بعد 10 أشهر من رحيل زوجها رينيه أنجليل، تسلمت المغنية الكندية الشهيرة سيلين ديون جائزة تكريم لزوجها الراحل ووالد أبنائها الثلاثة، ورغم أن «سيلين» بدت متماسكة، إلا أن وقوفها على المسرح لتسلم الجائزة والحديث عنه تسبب في بكائها تأثرا بفراقه.

In rememberance: On Sunday, Celine Dione, 48, attended the Adisq Gala in Quebec, where she accepted an award in honour of her late spouse Rene Angelil

A touching tribute: During the awards show, Celine took the stage for both a performance and a speech. She is pictured backstage

What it meant to her: While speaking with reporters, the My Heart Will Go On vocalist described the importance of the award she received that evening

End of their journey: On January 16 of this year, Celine's husband and manager Rene passed away from cancer at the age of 73

Family life: The Canadian music producer had three sons with the Grammy-winner, as well as three children from previous marriages

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